sponsorship applications

We are proud to provide friendly, sensitive and caring professional immigration services to ensure our clients are approved and united with their families as soon as possible.  We provide professional guidance to ensure every detail of the application process is covered.  

Parents & Grand Parents can be sponsored if they are in good health and pass the medical exam.  There are specific income requirements that the sponsor has to meet to be qualified to sponsor.  We will provide you with a detailed list of the requirements.  

Spouses and partners who are married to each other can be sponsored as long as they marriage is legal in both countries.  Common-law partners can be sponsored as long as they have lived together for a minimum of one year.  Conjugal Partners, who are not married, have not lived together for one year and are involved in an intimate and exclusive marriage like relationship are eligible to be sponsored

express entry

Express entry system is based on the Human Capital model.  Your age, education, language skills, professional work experience, and many other factors are considered. Each criteria is given a ranking score called Comprehensive Ranking System.  It is critical to know the criteria prior to entering the pool. You must first qualify in one of the following immigration categories such as  Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class or Federal Skilled Trades Program. You must have completed a language efficiency test within the past 24 months.  Once you have successfully enter the pool the CIC will use the CRS to select the candidates.  If you are choses then you will receive an invitation to apply (ITA).  You must apply for permanent residence within 60 days of receiving the ITA.  We ensure our clients are ready when they receive the ITA. Even accidentally making any errors on your application may result in misrepresentation which will ban the candidate for 5 years from applying again.  

study permits

Students come from many other countries to study in Canada. Many make Canada their home after completing their education.  We can help you with your initial study permit, extension of an existing study permit, your post-graduate work permit or application for permanent residence.

caregiver program

The Caregiver Program enables Canadian Employers to hire foreign caregivers to work in their homes to provide childcare or home support to seniors or people with disabilities.  After 2 years of employment caregivers can apply for permanent residence.

visitor visa & super visa

Clients from many countries require visa to enter Canada.  There are many reasons for people to come to Canada such as to tour the country or to visit relatives. Generally a visa is granted for 6 months and if you decide to stay longer then you have to apply for extension of the visa.  You can apply for Super Visa for your parents and grandparents which is good for 10 years and it allows them to stay a maximum of 24 months at a time.  There are some requirements that you have to meet in order to be successful in obtaining or extending the supervisa.  We will be happy to assist you in this area.

refugee claimants

Canada seeks to help those whose lives are at risk by offering asylum.  We offer our help to those with legitimate claims and are in real need for protection.  If you are already in Canada and feel that you need to make a refugee claim please call us.  Just remember that it is not just one of the immigration programs to get into the country. It is only available to those who have legitimate claims.